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Is there an excessive amount of mold present in your house? Is your property generating that characteristic smell because of it? If that is the case, you should be aware. Molds can have a significant impact in our health and it is essential to get rid of it in order to protect your property and your health. At Tiptop Restoration we are committed to help you!

Water damage can do a lot of harm to your property; be aware! Because molds will be left as consequence if not treated, causing severe damage. If you find presence of mold, we can do mold remediation. Our experts can restore your home and company! We start by doing indoor environmental inspection and then a complete restoration plan for your home. We guarantee results in no time! It will feel like it never even happened!

When it comes to eliminating and remedying mold, it is always best to hire mold removal professionals and rehabilitation services. The following steps are a guide for mold removal and the rehabilitation process.

Contain mold spores during removal

Before starting to remove the mold, the room should be sealed to contain the mold spores and not spread to the rest of the house. To seal the room that is about to be cleaned, we use special plastic sheets with adhesive tape to cover doors, vents and other openings.

It is also necessary to minimize dust as mold spores often adhere to the dust and are transported by the dust particles in your home.

Negative pressure while removing mold

It is also necessary to use negative pressure in the room you are cleaning. To do this, we start an exhaust fan that pulls out through a window, or if necessary, through a partially open door and thus blow the air out of the house. In this way the mold spores that are removed during the elimination process, must end above all on the outside. Also, before we start cleaning the mold, we make sure to turn off all the air conditioning systems in the house.

Mold cleaning and removal in Los Angeles

Mold cleaning and removal is the most likely time for mold spores to stir in the air. To reduce this we begin by moistening any growth of dry mold, since the dry mold will allow many more spores to escape into the air when they are disturbed.

After this a solution is used to clean and remove mold from the surface. Different solutions work better for different surfaces.

Prevent the return of mold after the elimination

Next, use a solution that kills mold to clean surfaces that had mold and even surfaces that were free of mold, since all surfaces in the room will have a certain amount of mold spores on them. These mold spores can grow later if moisture builds up in the room again, so killing them will help prevent the mold from coming back.


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Is there an excessive amount of mold present in your house? Is your property generating that characteristic smell because of it? If that is the case, you should be aware.

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