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Our properties can vanish in an instant with fire. That is why, when such destruction takes place, it is very important to only trust trained fire damage professionals. Los Angeles Water Damage Restoration Inc. professionals will assess the facilities in order to determine the extent of the fire, smoke, heat and humidity. We will also be able to conclude if the property is safe for the homeowners and when it is risk-free for them to return to their homes. This is due to the smoke could penetrate in the fissures of the structure and this is pretty dangerous causing damage and odor.

We will also investigate the extent of fire and smoke, providing thorough inspection and pretesting. This will conclude the extent of the damage, alongside the unaffected areas, the materials and items that can still be salvaged and the effective cleaning methods. We would be able to do the work in no time!

Fire is one of the most feared damages by the user given the devastating effects it can produce in a matter of minutes. Sometimes the damage caused by the smoke of the flames is greater than the damage of the fire itself, so it is better to be protected.

In the TipTop Restoration home insurance we give great importance to this guarantee, thinking about you and the side effects that an incident of this type can have on your house and the people who live there.

We do not want you to see yourself in a situation of this type, for that reason, for your peace of mind, we offer you the most complete coverage in case of fire and that includes, according to the limits and exclusions established in the general conditions, the following:

The material damage caused to the object insured in case of fire, explosion, implosion or exposure to smoke.

Expenses incurred for salvage, debris, demolition as well as fire extinction.


The evaluation of the current state of the structure, identifies the cause of the damage suffered by it. This cause may be due to various factors involved in a fire, such as: the action of high temperatures on the materials, the action of rapid cooling by water, overloads caused by eventual collapses of supporting elements, the source derived from the dilation of structural elements and many more.


In this step we define the methods that will be used in the repair and rehabilitation of the structure, understanding by repair those actions that are carried out to leave it as it was before the accident and by rehabilitation to the actions tending to leave the structure with the same margin of life than a new structure. These methods have several levels, such as: a) evaluate the structure, b) non-structural patches c) repair and / or reinforcement and d) demolition.


When your home is flooded and threatened by water damage we have the expertise, hi-tech equipment and trained professionals to help you. You should not leave this emergency in inexperienced hands.

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Our properties can vanish in an instant with fire. That is why, when such destruction takes place, it is very important to only trust trained fire damage professionals.

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TipTop restoration utilizes the most state-of-the-art carpeting cleansing devices and cleansing techniques in the sector today.

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The equipment we use and the process we go through is the most thorough cleaning available in the duct cleaning industry.

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